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Fluorescent pigments and related products summary

Time:2015-5-15 9:19:33 Hits:8602

Application of fluorescent pigments and colorants in the field of plastics, coatings and inks in the past few centuries has been a sustained growth momentum. People still kept on trying to develop a better heat resistance, light fastness, low viscosity and, high strength and high transmittance products. With the improvement of these properties, fluorescent pigments and colorants will be applied in more extensive plastic products. Fluorescent pigment belongs to a new industry in our country.

The growing domestic fluorescent pigment market, especially China's plastics, paints and inks industry and the growing demand of various properties of fluorescent pigment, including the growth of environmental protection type fluorescent pigment products demand, as China's own fluorescent pigment industry provides a broad space for development. With the rapid progress of recently domestic fluorescent pigment production technology and research and development capabilities, the fluorescent pigment also faster to the world, to participate in the international competition.