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Plastic processing process problems.

Time:2015-5-15 9:17:50 Hits:8451

The use of fluorescent pigment when one of the most common problem is sticking technology. Is generally believed that the viscosity and occurs due to the resin oligomer component and a fluorescent dye, a class of small molecular weight thermal decomposition of organic matter and from the polymer precipitation fouling screw and other metal parts caused by.

In the face of this problem, manufacturers and manufacturers of masterbatch colorants have adopted corresponding measures. The former, beginning with the molecular weight of the colorant, on the one hand tried to change the distribution of molecular weight, on the other hand is trying to reduce the low molecular weight fractions, thus reducing the chance of decomposition and precipitation. Additive masterbatch manufacturers andsuppliers to jointly develop additives to reduce the sticking phenomenon.

The use of fluorescent pigment may also encounter thermal stability and resin matching problems. Manufacturers of fluorescent pigments always looking for ways to improve the processing performance.